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I purchased a 1978 Torana sedan, in early 1990. The car then had its original factory-
fitted driver’s seat.

The Holden seat was covered by old, cracked vinyl. Its back support was
inappropriate for me. Also the seat was too high (or I was too tall); the top of my
head came very close to the ceiling of the vehicle.

So immediately I had installed a Recaro seat (the equivalent of today’s model "N—
JOY"). This seat provided me with the firm back support that I require. Also I had
the seat installed in a lower position so that the top of my head was well clear of the
V vehicle’s ceiling.

Because of the Recaro seat, I was able to drive in comfort for multiple hours. This
would not have been possible for me, using an ordinary car seat.

The seat made country driving easier, especially the thirteen—hour trips between the
North West and Perth.

Now, fourteen years later, the seat is still in an excellent condition.

It gives the same firm back support that it did when I first purchased it. The covering
fabric has worn very well too.

So much so that both my brothers have vied for it .......... .And I have chosen yet
another Recaro for my new vehicle, a campervan.

I thoroughly recommend the quality of Recaro car seats.

Rosalyn Toop