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"Cadillacs have always held a special place in motoring history, and the interior restoration of my '69 convertible needed to reflect that position. A complete interior trim and upholstery rebuild/restoration was a task requiring respect for the original yet enhancement through technology and materials. Angelo & his team lived up to this challenge in spades !!

The completed job speaks for itself: the car has real street presence, but without exception, it is the interior presentation which draws comment and applause.

Mark Berry

'69 Cadillac Convertable


Dear Garry,
I recently had some leather upholsteiy work carried out on the centre arm rest and cubby box on my MGF: your business having previously re upholstered the seats in leather.

Calling in on a Saturday I met with Angelo Antenucci, explained what I would like to be done and went ahead with the recovering of this lid and arm rest.

On completion, the workmanship was very good, however on returning home and placing into the car there was a difference in the colour when placed next to the upholstery of the seats. The following Saturday I returned to your business and spoke with Brad Millane and showed him the difference, he was most obliging and suggested I leave the parts with him to see what could be done. A week later I called again and this time I met with Angelo and to my relief and satisfaction the leather had been coloured to match the existing upholstery in the car. I am very pleased with the result.

I have found both Angelo and Brad very courteous and helpful to deal with. Service of this calibre is not often experienced in this day and age, I do thank you and you can be assured that your business will be well spoken of on my behalf
Regards Mike Phillips


I purchased a 1978 Torana sedan, in early 1990. The car then had its original factory-
fitted driver’s seat.

The Holden seat was covered by old, cracked vinyl. Its back support was
inappropriate for me. Also the seat was too high (or I was too tall); the top of my
head came very close to the ceiling of the vehicle.

So immediately I had installed a Recaro seat (the equivalent of today’s model "N—
JOY"). This seat provided me with the firm back support that I require. Also I had
the seat installed in a lower position so that the top of my head was well clear of the
V vehicle’s ceiling.

Because of the Recaro seat, I was able to drive in comfort for multiple hours. This
would not have been possible for me, using an ordinary car seat.

The seat made country driving easier, especially the thirteen—hour trips between the
North West and Perth.

Now, fourteen years later, the seat is still in an excellent condition.

It gives the same firm back support that it did when I first purchased it. The covering
fabric has worn very well too.

So much so that both my brothers have vied for it .......... .And I have chosen yet
another Recaro for my new vehicle, a campervan.

I thoroughly recommend the quality of Recaro car seats.

Rosalyn Toop

Hi Brad,

I would just like to say thank you once again, for your prompt, courteous, and efncient service last Friday, 14th
Nov., in the fitting of our new Recaro seats.

They felt a bit firm when first we sat in them ..... however, that sensation soon disappeared. By the time we
were half way to Rockingham, the seat and the body seemed to become as one. We have already now
travelled around 550 klms., and already we cannot be any more happier with our choice, or the
product ...... they are truely an amazing improvment on the OE seats, which l thought weren‘t all that bad.
l don‘t know if the foam of the seat is responsive to the body heat of the occupant or what, but it seems that
the seat "moulds" itself to the body contours after a short period of sitting in them. You can definitely notice a
"suspension", floating feeling, that irons out any road shock, and the side "wings" and front seat extension just
make for one hell of a supportive, comfortable seat.

 The original cost of the seat was a bit of a shock initially, but we are already feeling a "numbness" to that
shock, and l'm sure it will rapidly diminish even further as the kilometres disappear under the bull bar. We are
heading off for a round trip to KaIgoorlie—BouIder on the 28th, around 1500 klms, that will be the first major

What more can we say ..... I think you get the picture that we are very happy Millane / Recaro customers, and
will spread the word at every opportunity. Actually, have already started doing so ..... went to the Perth 4WD
and Camping Show yesterday ..... saw a chap demonstrating a set of Recaro seats to a (potential)
customer ..... told him exactly what I thought of the product ...... couIdn't recommend them more highly.

Thanks again Brad for your personal attention and help over the four months from order to fitting .... much

Keith and Gloria hunt

Dear Mr Millane,

I have just driven home on my new leather seats in my Mazda 6 and wanted you to pass on to your staff how
delighted I am with the finished result. The seats are extremely comfortable and I feel that the car now has a
new image.

I also wanted to convey to you that I am very impressed with the courteous manner your staff impart to their
customers. The receptionist (sorry I didn‘t get her name), Angelo and Ben all treated me with such a pleasant
attitude and were very helpful in every way.

It was great doing business with such professional people and they are a credit to you.

Karen Riley